E-Commerce Solutions

IBM is a leader in e-commerce solutions. IBM WebSphere Commerce gives robust online selling environment built on a unified platform that enables B2C and B2B companies optimize operational efficiencies and high transaction volumes. WebSphere Commerce is built on WebSphere Application Server, IBM HTTP Server, and DB2 Universal Database. It takes full advantage of an open standards infrastructure in a pure Java environment, including technologies such as EJBs, JSPs, XML, Secure Electronic Transaction (SET), HTTP, and WML. You can integrate back-end and external systems with WebSphere Commerce using WebSphere MQ.

IBM WebSphere Commerce solutions help companies with their e-Commerce challenges. It provides well designed component based B2B and B2C next-generation solutions and open up sales and marketing channels.

WebSphere Commerce integrates e-Commerce technology with collaborative technology (Lotus Sametime and Lotus QuickPlace) to enable communication for trading partners and customers.

IBM Sales Center for WebSphere Commerce is for sales representatives within an organization's call center. This application is client to the Commerce Server and access store data directly to perform its operations.

Combining Commerce software with other products allows you to extend applications to wireless users. It contains support for mobile commerce (m-commerce), allowing you to use cell phones, pagers, personal digital assistants (PDAs).

IBM WebSphere Commerce Product solutions:
  • WebSphere Commerce Enterprise edition
  • Health Care
  • WebSphere Commerce Professional edition
  • WebSphere Commerce Express edition