Pump Selection Software

Shapes contains information about the entire range of pumps products. It also offers advanced pump selection, pump servicing and sizing calculations for choosing the right pump. It also offer graphical representation of pump performance curve.

SHAPES consists of 5 main program areas:
  • Catalogue
    The Catalogue contains pump curves, product pictures, dimensional drawings, wiring diagrams, technical data, quotation texts and order texts as well as information on service and part lists for pump products. It is also possible to select a pump from a list of search criteria.
  • Advance Search
    In Advance Search you can search pumps as per your requirement.
  • Service
    In Service you can view interactive exploded views and sectional drawings of pump products.
  • Literature
    Literature contains technical documentation for pumnp products. You can find a product by either by searching for a specific product number. The technical documentation is available for viewing and download in pdf format.
  • CAD Drawings
    In CAD Drawings you can download technical drawings of pump products in pdf formats.