Smarter Commerce

Smarter Commerce is a unique approach that increases the value companies generate for their customers, partners and shareholders in a rapidly changing digital world.

It is designed to help companies better integrate and more effectively manage their value chain. It includes buy, market, sell and service processes that put the customer at the center of decisions and actions, leading to greater customer loyalty, revenue and profit margin growth, and agility. Smarter Commerce increases customer value, regardless of what or how a company currently sells. It does this by putting the customer at the center of specific business processes such as inventory optimization or reverse logistics. But it also takes a higher level approach, gradually reorienting the entire business model — from how a company approaches innovation to how it designs its operations — based on deep customer and market insights.

The four key aspects of Smarter Commerce are as follows:
  • Value Chain Strategy
  • Core Business Solutions
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Workload-Optimized Systems

Techno Gurus Smarter Commerce puts the customer at the center of all operations, analyzing critical customer and operational data – from multichannel buying behaviors to social media content – and build business processes that help companies buy, market, sell and service their products accordingly. It reaches deep within the supply chain, integrating business partners, suppliers, and vendors, enabling the entire value chain to anticipate customer needs, not react to them. And it identifies and addresses the unsustainable inefficiencies of our global systems of commerce.