Website Development

Web development means something different for MicroBusinesses than it does for Corporations. For MicroBusinesses, web development is the entire process of assessing your needs, creating a plan to meet them, then assembling all the facets that make up the solution. It means more than website design.

Website design is only the process of creating a visually pleasing website.
  • Web development means that it not only looks good, it works good from every perspective.
  • It means cost containment is taken into consideration, and that each feature is weighed against the benefit for the individual business.
  • It means that each facet of the site is done in a way that gives maximum benefit for the available funds.
  • It means that the developer has a good understanding of quality issues across graphics, content, code, SEO, and marketing messages.

Web development means you get a lot of bang for the buck, and that you can work with just one company to have all your needs met. And you end up with a site that actually works, and which isn't missing anything critical for it to work for your business.